• ~JS-07/2020
  • Everyone at this office is excellent! I felt very safe and comfortable from the moment I walked in. Dr. Ragukonis’s approach to pain is very refreshing, as there are so many doctors around here who just want to push drugs on you so you go away. After examining me and reviewing my MRI with wife and me, he presented treatment options. Asked if we had any questions. I feel very confident in his recommendations and he was easy to talk to. The staff in the room with me went over all my instructions and helped me schedule follow up. This office is exceptional when it comes to patient care and I would highly recommend Bergen Pain Management to anyone who needs a really good pain management doctor.


  • ~MW-03/2020
  • Dr. Ragukonis has been my Pain Management doctor for many years. He was successfully treating me for a car accident when I was involved in another making my injuries worse. I felt really defeated when that happened since I was starting to feel better after a few procedures. Dr. R did develop a new plan for me to address my new injuries and pain. He was very empathetic and didn’t rush me into any decisions while I was processing what had just happened. Ultimately, I needed surgery….I do wish I had the surgery sooner rather than later as the doctor suggested because I feel much better than I did before. I so appreciate the care I received over the years at Bergen Pain Management. Occasionally, I still need to see Dr. Ragukonis for my pain. Fortunately, he is just as concerned and methodical in his approach to treating my pain as I’ve known him to be.


  • ~TM-4/20
  • My name is Alma Vivas, I have been in treatment with Doctor Ragukonis for about 10 years. After having multiple car accidents that leave in really bad shape, I should be in a wheelchair, but Doctor Ragukonis has been so dedicated to my recovery. He is the best spinal surgeon that someone can find. Extremely professional, he tries everything: therapies, exercises, medication and surgery is the last option. His staff are on top of your follow ups and monitor the use of prescription medications. He has the best and newest medical equipment, staff are great, they handle your concerns right away (Especially Luz Velasco) they have so many locations for client’s convenience and they provide transportation when Available or needed. He treats patients with respect, very caring and professional. He will never do anything that you don’t need and even if you need it, he cares about my opinion first. I am very happy with my treatment and I could never go to another Surgeon. He is the best you can find! I definitely recommend anybody to go see him if you have back or neck problems, everything you need in one place. I just have gratitude for all these years taking care of my medical condition. Thank you Doctor Ragukunis you are amazing!


  • ~TM-10/2020
  • “Dr. Somma is amazing. He is very knowledgeable and caring when it comes to your health. He takes his time with you and is never in a rush. He also sees my family and friends and they all say the same about him. He’s the best provider hands down and he actually shows what he loves and cares about the most-patient care!”


  • ~KM-4/2020
  • “I went to Dr. Somma because I was having a lot of difficulty after being sick with Covid in early March. I had spoken to a lot of doctors and nobody felt like they wanted to be bothered. Dr. Somma was recommended to me and I’m so glad I met him. He took his time with me and treated me like family. He ordered complete blood work and ran every test in order to find out anything that could possibly be wrong. We had a follow-up appointment to review all of my results. He spoke to me about lifestyle changes, vitamins and stress levels-all things that no other physician has ever taken the time to discuss. I’m so fortunate that I have nothing seriously wrong with me, but I will continue to treat with Dr. Somma every year-he is fantastic!”